As part of our Open Data Strategy we are creating a resource pack to support Scottish public services develop their own open data strategies. The resource pack will be a living document which will include guidance, case studies and examples of best practice. 
To help us develop the resource pack we want to know what data you’d like to access from Scottish public services, what you might use the data for and in which formats you’d like to see the data published.
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Many public sector organisations collect and process a wide range of information. Much of this information relates to non-personal and non-commercially sensitive data which could be published and made available for others to re-use. We call this making data open. 
Open data is the release of non-personal and non-commercially sensitive data to the public. It is easily discoverable, which makes it accessible to anyone and able to be freely used, re-used and redistributed.  Open Data is made available, via the internet, in an open electronic format which supports its ready re-use.
The Open Data Strategy seeks to create a Scotland where non-personal and non-commercially sensitive data ranging across activity delivered by and for the public sector including but not exclusively, environment, finance and social services is recognised as a resource for wider societal use and as such is made open in an intelligent manner and available for re-use by others. Making data open will support: 
1) Delivery of improved public services through public bodies making use of the data 
2) Wider social and economic benefits through innovative use of the data 
3) Accountability and transparency of delivery of our public services 
You can find more information on the Scottish Government’s Open Data Strategy at: 
The Scottish Government will share a report after the conclusion of this 5 week exercise.  Depending on the level of responses we aim to publish our report by 28th August 2015.  This report will be made available publically and promoted. 
All submissions are subject to our moderation policy
This exercise will run for 5 weeks from 8 June to 13 July.  We welcome submissions that respond to the posed question.