Boundaries and details of common good lands and assets

Common Good is the name given to the inherited property of the former burghs of Scotland and consists of a range of assets both moveable (furniture, paintings, regalia etc.) and heritable (land and buildings).

I propose all the aformentioned assets be documented and made available using the most appropriate data medium, for example, land should be mapped using a shapefile, geojson, or similar open GIS format. At present only Fife and Angus Councils have released data to this effect.

Data on moveable assets e.g. a painting should contain relevant information on how it could be accessed or viewed, and where to find out more about the item. If possible, information on the present use(s) of the assets should be made available.

Why the contribution is important

Common good assets represent a potential source of wealth and investment for public good, much like Open Data itself.

Unfortunately, some assets have been lost due to poor record-keeping and lack of awareness. In order for these assets to be fully appreciated, and their potential maximised, they must be properly accounted for.

by digitalWestie on June 08, 2015 at 11:44PM

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  • Posted by johnniecrossan June 10, 2015 at 08:29

    Hello digitalWestie
    I'm a human geographer working at the University of Glasgow. I've been involved in the past in common good asset work (mainly awareness raising). At the moment I'm working on a project related to Urban Agricultural potential in Glasgow (which has some links with common good issues). Would be interested in meeting up to discuss your project.

    email address
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