Join up existing sources - encourage use of linked data

Instead of creating another place to put the data (JSON and CSV files or whatever), it may be worth considering creating a resource that points to where the data files are being kept and maintained.

My proposal is that all opendata providers should be encouraged to support linked data queries to their own open data sets.

One example is TellMeScotland, which collects (open) data from most LAs on planning and other notices. It has put a lot of effort into creating processes at most of the LAs that keep the data up to date.

It used to support SPARQL (linked data) queries though - making its data available to other data consumers. Unfortunatly, this seems to have been dropped after the beta stage.

Reviving this API would at a stroke provide an open API to a key source of open data.

I have a feeling that there are other similar stories to be told.

Why the contribution is important

There risk is the portal will contain duplicates of existing data sets. If the model is to be sustained, I think that the open data portal needs to work with a number of organisations who will have their own data colleciton and dissemination process.

The role of the central portal could be point to the different data sets and provide useful meta data (who is using it, when was it last updated, ratings of quality and speed etc).

The challenge is to persuade the data providers to publish in such a way that their data sets can be linked up!


by pcruickshank on June 08, 2015 at 02:32PM

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