Town Centre Access Standards

That the current Building Standard Access Standards (Section 4) should be developed to set minimum standards and best practice for Town Centre Public Realm areas - and which promote an Access Audit of Town Centres (involving access and mobility groups as well as Council Roads & Planning / Building Standard Officers) at least every 5 years. Such Access Audits should be published on-line by Council's within 3 months of being undertaken.

This should build on, for eg the ParkMark scheme, promoted by the police for private car parks, and fits into the Scottish Government Actiopns for Town Centres programme.

Again - ideally a schedule of all private and public parking places (with any usage data and info on any limitations or restrictions thereon) in each Town Centre should also be available on-line


Why the contribution is important

To address the niggling little aspects that limit and hinder mobility - whether bollard, kerb or step is in the wrong place, or whether improved signage or barriers are required.

by DaveS on July 13, 2015 at 11:10AM

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