Community Arts to Creative Industries


The focus of my proposal is for the Scottish Gov (NB) to take the existing community arts process into the commercial cultural industries economy thus offering jobs, business opportunities and an avenue for talent combined with technology.


The current Scottish Gov Programme in Arts & Culture since 2012  has five major strands:

  1. The National Production Companies

Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund

Capital projects

Museums & Heritage

Creative Scotland


Currently the Community Arts sector is managed principally at council level with very limited support from Creative Scotland (their principal focus being National Arts projects) with some support from Creative Enterprise Scotland as well as local community funding. The primary objective currently at community level is in support of grass roots creativity for social development.

The core principle behind my proposal is that the Scottish Gov seeks to bring the community arts process into the cultural industries economy THERE IS NOT YET a developed linkage between Community Arts  & Scottish Cultural Industries 

Why the contribution is important


Employment opportunities particularly for Young People must always be a priority responsibility of Government. Arts & Culture is a sector ripe for development as a new business opportunity attractive to young people. The creative sector in Scotland is well furnished by educational opportunities with skills and training in the sector virtually at all of the  FE colleges offering courses in some aspects of arts  and performance  as well as advanced training opportunities at conservatory/ arts college institutions as well as Universities. There are many opportunities for introductory course across the arts and cultural sector in our secondary schools though there is the growing need for dedicated arts (and indeed sports) secondary schools.


The range and diversity of opportunities (and revenue generated) behind the Community based  Cuktural Industries label might surprise the traditional business sector.

In Music (Recording and Live Performance in several styles), dance groups, schools and classes, drama (several local initiatives generate income), design shops, festival opportunities as income generators, fashion, film and video production, art sales (see Library rec), Creative IT activity -games, illustration, publishing, digital product development, Radio & TV content: there are strong market opportunities in this sector. However moving Community Arts towards Creative Industries is the core of this idea.

 ( The CI  sector is dominated by the games industry, publishing,  heritage & museums, broadcasting & the subsidized big five production companies Scottish Ballet, Scottish Opera, National Orchestra,  Scottish Chamber Orchestra and National Theatre  six if you add the EIF). 

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