Culture - Theatre and Young People

I believe that the arts are an underrated part of our society, theatre especially. Theatre gives us the chance to explore themes and issues that are sensitive, difficult to talk about and all together horrid to think about, but through this incredible art form we are able to open discussions. This is something I feel that society needs to embrace more in order to create a world where no one feels that they are isolated because they think that they are unable to talk about something due to social pressures. This is why I believe that in order to improve culture in Scotland we need to make more of the theatre industry and theatres that we already have. 



Why the contribution is important

I feel that this should be encouraged especially within the younger generations. I completely understand that performing arts is not for everybody, and I respect that – performing is my worst nightmare! But, I am still able to engage and watch theatre and learn so much from it. I feel that people need to be given the opportunity to see theatre that explores difficult issues at a young age, so that they grow up to be respectful and understanding people, who do not segregate people based on their issues.

by LaurenRachelAsher on August 08, 2017 at 10:33AM

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