Develop Community Arts Practice towards Commercial Opportunities

We have a supported professional arts industry within which we have struggling commercial talent across the cultural industries.

Then we find an amateur/semi pro sector at community level often voluntary.

I suggest placing  professional creative talent into communities to engage, animate, encourage and develop community artists towards  entrepreneurial  income earning arts activity. The imbedded talent would be grant funded offering and would share time (50%) on personal art practice  and 50% community cultural activity.   

Why the contribution is important

The idea offers three key benefits. 

It offers  professional artists (some of whom might be struggling recent graduates  ) a core income while offering time for personal  creative activity.  Unemployment and underemployment indeed poverty is all too common within the  commercial arts industries. The idea would be to pilot this embedded artist (from any of the arts) within five communities each with different characteristics eg two urban, two rural and one within a social community like an ethnic minority/refugee community.

2. This would offer  communities key inputs: training, encouragement, opportunity, empowerment while enriching the social development -the good feel factor within the wider community "look what we can do"! 

3. The key concept however is to see the move from social development arts activity towards income generating commercial activity. This would see the growth of the commercial arts sector providing more artists with more opportunity while growing the industry from the bottom up.  

by thomcross on July 29, 2017 at 11:59AM

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