Can we please avoid a system whereby any money available for culture/the arts is distributed by a small group of people according to their own beliefs in what constitutes 'good' art. Far better to support creatives through a system of taxation and other support in kind such that those just starting and struggling to make ends meet are taxed more leniently (or can get support for renting studio space, access to mentoring, access to community resources, and so on). This can be progressive so that more successful creative persons end up payng the same as everyone else (and have a central means of making more generous tax contributions if they so wish).


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Using central bodies to distribute lump sums is counter-productive, open to accusations of favouritism, creates a clique of arts administration jobs that soak up far too much money, and invariably favours safe creative work. We should be creating a nationwide atmosphere in which pursuing a creative talent is seen as viable for anyone, regardless of their background, where they live, or who they know.

by Grum on October 13, 2017 at 09:44AM

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  • Posted by mintedkidology October 13, 2017 at 14:22

    Gatekeepers could also be described as the guardians of standards. They have over many years developed a highly refined system that sieves out originality and keeps in the conventional. The art meritocracy of the publicly funded art bodies must maintain their authority at all costs. They must continue to exclude those who do not adhere to their tastes, fashions and particularly suppress anyone that questions them.
    To maintain the high standards of fashionability in art practice in Scotland, they must continue to give commissions and awards to as many people as possible who are from privileged backgrounds, with some crumbs for the prols. To defend their position - it is a war to protect their wages - they must continue talking, whilst in practice giving as little as possible, and ensure that as few as possible disagreeable people get past their gates. Scotland needs more elite gatekeepers, people who are sensitive to the subtlety of maneuvers required in making excellent art rules.
  • Posted by Grum October 14, 2017 at 13:35

    Exactly this.
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