Invest in Scotlands culture

We need MORE investment in Scotlands old traditions and culture. We need a STEP CHANGE in momentum and focus.

This to cover dance, storytelling, music and all things Scottish.There should be more financial support for teaching Scottish traditional dance in schools and for all ages to learn about our culture. Think of health benefits!

Support for traditional Scottish music and promoting the performance of this in local pubs and venues. Think of the benefit to tourism! Yes we should be proud of new cultures and diversity in Scotland - however we have riches galore in our heritage which we need to first maintain, then expand and develop. 

Why the contribution is important

Needed to maintain and strengthen our identity. Will draw people to us and develop and protect our 'brand'. Increase our pride in our own identity.

Huge benefits if successful :

if we can incorporate music and dance into our daily life's then we will reap huge health benefits. Music and dance can involve all people and are proven to improve mood and happiness as well as fitness 


by JoanWilson on August 30, 2017 at 11:23AM

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  • Posted by nmaciver November 16, 2017 at 09:49

    As well as traditional dance and music we should also focus on maintaining and educating current and future generations on the traditions of each region within Scotland as well as the history of the area's cultural development.

    From Shetland to Whithorn, each region in Scotland has its own history and traditions which should be understood and appreciated by current and future generations, especially by those living in each region (e.g. clan battles, Guga hunts, peat cutting etc).

    More emphasis on educating people on the history and traditions on the areas they live in will give them a greater appreciation for maintaining and championing the ways of times gone by, as well as developing the area with the region's development and history in mind. People will also feel a greater affinity to the region and feel a part of the community, which is something most areas of Scotland thankfully still have!
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