Investment in infastructure to help the cultural boom in Scotland's rural heartlands

Investment at this time particularly in roads and infastructure in our most remote places which often hold the gems to Scotland's rich culture will be key in order to get the fullest potential from these key cultural and economic drivers. Places such as Skye and Islay which have no shortage of beauty spots and things to do. From Islays rich whisky culture to Skye's magical mountains and landscape these places are often the most busiest tourist spots in the country but also have some infasfructure which needs upgrading. From Islay's roads which are not in the best shape and would hugely benefit from an upgrade. On Skye this is also an issue. If we invest in the improvements and create more places for people to park it will encourage more people to come to Scotland. The cut in APD should be brought in as a priority for the government but also to cut the cost on domestic flights as the cost of travelling to Islay can be 3 times more expensive than getting a plane to Dublin. We shouldnt miss out on this opportunity to grow our economy and increase tourism to scotland and let more people know about our amazing culture and our people.

Why the contribution is important

Key for economic development and increased tourism and allows more people to see our most beautiful sights. We also will be helping the people of these local communities in improving their services in these areas.

by callumshaw1999 on August 10, 2017 at 05:36PM

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