Linguistic Equality between Scots and English

Linguistic prejudice is rife in Scotland.  Fir thaim thit talk vernacular Scots there nae route tae literacy in their ain tung.  Those for whom English with a Scottish accent is their first language, they are taught hostility towards the Scots Leid.  Thir rift maun be repairit.

Dr Michael Dempster, Scots Language Consultant.

Why the contribution is important

Wir Scots language gies us access tae wir history an literature.  Scots wirds spoke the day is in texts gaun back a hunner, twa, three, fower, five, sax, seevin hunner year syne.  English wirds gang back fower hunner year syne tae.  We need baith.

Fae a psychological an health care pynt o view we need tae stap yaisin language fir tae enforce inequality.  Gin we say a Scots tung disnae characterize a body as daft, violent or onie ither prejudicial label (whilk hit disnae) we're makin a mair inclusive Scotland thit offers routes tae success fir aw.

(Check oot ma talk, "We're needin tae talk aboot wir language" fir mair.)

Dr Michael Dempster, Scots Language Consultant.

by DrMichaelDempster on August 09, 2017 at 04:42PM

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