Strategic objectives

What are the main priorities you think the strategy needs to target?

In the next 5 years, Scotland needs to:

1. become more risk friendly - which means that the culture of Scotland needs to embrace our ability to absorb failure, surprising outcomes, and growth through experiential learning.

2. deepen our understanding of the power of diversity, and then act on it. If I have to attend another uninspiring innovation forum with a line up of white middle class men, I'm going to fall asleep at the back.

3. understand that accessibility to culture is not simply about "having fun" but can also be about discipline, delayed gratification, experimentation, stepping outside one's comfort zone and disruptive innovation. Royston Muldoon in the documentary, Rhythm Is It - "Why does it have to be fun?".  Without discipline, one cannot achieve anything in life, but the role of focus, deep learning and discipline could be compromised, not supported, by technological changes in daily life.

4. understand that Strategy does not just have to be incremental (too slow for the modern world) or disruptive (possibly destabilising communities and families), but also non-disruptive (Blue Ocean Shift) and based on creating new market space.

5. The older generations need to reconcile to the fact that crushing the aspirations of young talent or driving them out of the country as a threat simply leads to comfortable mediocrity, and this mindset has no place in a future Scotland.


Why the contribution is important


1. fear of risk or failure quashes innovation, adventure, sea-change thinking, and very soon, creativity and innovation will be the only thing humans have over computers in the work place. Are Scots only capable of being adventurous by leaving Scotland?

2. Growth as a society and as an economy comes through being able to step into the space of others who are different and profit from the exchange. In the work place, diversity of thinking and feeling create more innovative outcomes. That's backed by research. Bringing in people with different backgrounds and experiences, as well as the necessary skillsets, is more likely to broaden the range of diverse thinking.

3. Grit, tenacity, resilience, all come from the determination to succeed and improve, and can only be fostered with a particular perspective on life. Without deeply embracing the tools to see one through disruption, recession, illness or changes in life, there isn't going to be a competitive edge. One has to survive to flourish, and know the difference.

4. Blue Ocean Strategy is my preferred tool, because I've already used it in my work and as a creative, it makes sense to me:

5. "Ah kent yer faither". No you **** well didn't. National culture can often be clearly seen in its sayings, and this tethering to mediocrity is part of ours. A culture can't move forward in this century with such nonsensical baggage round its neck.

by PaulMacAlindin on July 25, 2017 at 12:01PM

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