What does culture mean to you?

Culture means different things to different people and evolves just as society changes and evolves. There are many cultures in Scotland and many ways to create and take part in culture. 

  • What does culture mean to you as an individual?
  • What role does culture have in your community?
  • How does culture shape how Scotland is seen as a nation at home and abroad?

Why the contribution is important

We want to:

  • ensure the development of the strategy is informed by the views of as many people as possible
  • build on what people think is important about culture

by ScotGovCultureSarah on July 21, 2017 at 11:36AM

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  • Posted by TimCollins July 29, 2017 at 09:05

    Culture is the result of intellectual and aesthetic engagement; it is the social narrative that a community, perhaps a nation carries that situates identities in some way that has meaning. It is not a singularity, there is no one culture, but there are cultures within every place based community. Cultural diversity is very healthy, where the opposite is not. Culture is in part a result of creative development, aesthetic development intellectual development, a pattern of learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations through the use of tools, language and systems of abstract thought. So all disciplines, bodies of knowledges, communities of practice, language and place are culture writ large.
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