What is good about culture in Scotland and what needs to change?

The strategy will reflect on the current state of culture in Scotland, both what is working well and the challenges faced.  We know, for example, that not everyone has the same opportunity to take part in or contribute to cultural life in Scotland but there are also financial, environmental and other social challenges in terms of those working in the culture sector and in terms of participation. 

  • What is working well for culture in Scotland (please give examples) and what needs to change?
  • How can we work together to ensure that anyone with an interest in culture has the opportunity to take part or contribute?
  • Who do you think needs to be involved in supporting the development of culture in Scotland?
  • Do you know of partnerships or approaches, cultural or from other areas, that are good examples for us to learn from?

Why the contribution is important

We want to:

  • build on what is working well already
  • understand what the main challenges are to develop ideas and partnerships to address them
  • increase access to culture and make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to take part or contribute

by ScotGovCultureSarah on July 21, 2017 at 11:40AM

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  • Posted by Deertree July 26, 2017 at 21:52

    The touring that NGS has done via Artists Rooms is great. Would be great if they could expand beyond Edinburgh, particularly now their Princess St development is in difficulties. Could they not take over space at West Ward Works in Dundee ? (it is a joy droppingly awesome space ) This would help move Dundee over its current tipping point and help drive more cultural tourism to the city.
  • Posted by gwenadair August 01, 2017 at 18:29

    Culture =the Arts + popular culture + heritage and history + sport and leisure + language + diversity + national ambition and aspiration + our sense of ourselves. Nothing should be exclusive - anyone from any community should feel they can access opera and ballet, and as a society we should also appreciate street art and local festivals where they are meaningful and relevant to their communities. Opportunities and access should be equal across the country, and free. This doesn't happen at present - there is a fear of "high art" among many, and a snobbery about popular culture from many more. Financial constraints mean that many of us can't access the opportunities we should. The obvious place to increase access and opportunity is within education, so budgets and curricula should reflect that. The other place is in the media, which is still run by a elite with outdated ideas and attitudes. Film and TV could do much more to reflect our lives, to widen horizons and encourage aspiration, and newspapers could be less parochial and sensationalist and do more to encourage criticism and progressive thinking.
  • Posted by girvind November 30, 2017 at 16:20

    When my children were young the London Philharmonic Orchestra used to come to small towns and schools with programs for youngsters. I know they're not Scottish but the principle is the same. Giving youngsters the chance to see and experience talented folk up close in every wee town and village is priceless and the experience stays with them for life. My 45 year-old still talks about it!
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