Purpose of this challenge:
Scotland’s current Digital Strategy, published in 2011, describes actions to enhance digital connectivity, increase economic growth and activity by growing the digital economy, promote digital participation and develop digital public services.  While the high-level aims of the strategy are still relevant today, the vast majority of the actions it describes have been delivered over the past five years.  During this same period, the nature of digital, and our understanding of the opportunities it provides, have evolved, and the pace of change across the wider economy and society has accelerated.

The debate in parliament on 3 November  “Realising  Scotland’s full potential in a digital world” confirmed Ministers intention to refresh the digital strategy. We anticipate this will set out a range of ambitions and actions to ensure that Scotland has a clear vision of its place in the modern, digital world. We aim to publish the strategy early in 2017. 

How to get involved in the dialogue:
To assist that process, we are launching this interactive discussion on the 6 themes which we think should be included the strategy. These themes are identified below.

This is an open forum where you should feel comfortable to express your thoughts and ideas. Before posting your idea we would encourage you to search to see if somebody else has done so already. This will allow you to get involved with the conversation and interact with other users. You can do this through rating and commenting on other ideas posted.

We have set out what we think are the objectives for each of the themes. we want your view on whether the objectives cover the right kinds of issues and will help Scotland to make the most of the opportunities that digital can offer. We also are seeking your views on what you think needs to be done, by whom,  to deliver on those objectives. We anticipate the discussion may develop into different issues directly related to the proposals. In those circumstances, further idea boxes can be created using the “submit an idea” box on the right hand side of the page.

The 6 key themes are:
Public Services
Cyber Security and Resilience

Your views are important as they will help us to:

  • Understand whether we have identified the right objectives to make the most of the opportunities that digital can offer.
  • Identify whether there are other things we should consider in developing the strategy
  • Take stock of what you think the priorities might be. 

 Please respond by close, 5PM Thursday 15 December, 2016.

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