Accessibility needs to be award winning

There are very no mainstream digital awards for accessibility. In a recent high profile Scottish digital awards, companies and agencies could get awards in categories like "Business to Business", "E-Commerce", "Consumer Engagement" or "Best Use of Social Media" however no not find "Most Accessible Website or App" category is listed. But it should be, those that make the efforts to make their resources accessible should be praised and likewise those who make unaccessible resources should be shamed. 

Why the contribution is important

Often it is those who are most digitally excluded (the elderly, disabled, learning difficulties, those with sensory impairments) that are the most impacted by poor accessibility. 

Accessibility has to be a core element of any element of digital delivery because good accessibility means that something can be used by anyone ... and if it can be used by anyone it can be used by everyone.


The profile of accessibility needs to be increased so it like recycling or energy efficiency, it needs to become so “normal” that people are naturally thinking about accessibility when they build websites, develop apps, send emails and develop resources.

by PaulCameron on December 14, 2016 at 10:47PM

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