Ambition + Partnership

We need some ambition:

We need to look a rapidly improving our connectivity above and below the ground.  This will not be solved by large national programmes alone..but through national, regional and local collaboration.  We also need to make ourselves attractive to the alternative network providers..they are the innovators and the future.

We really need to get better at using the SMEs, Sole traders and other to stimulate a real digital economy in Scotland.  Love Civtech..we need to build on this and find ways were public sector and small companies can collaborate to help them grow (big) and solve some of our public sector challenges as well.

We need to seriously ramp up emergent (or not so) technologies such as RPA, ambient tech etc,

The themes presented are sensible and you cannot really argue with them.  However more ambition and better collaboration is needed.  Not just large national programmes...but large national programmes working with SMEs, regions, local authorities and communities.




Why the contribution is important

We have many challenges but more opportunities.    Private sector needs stimulation and public sector has less money and more demand.  Working cross sector rather than within sectors is the answer. 

by simonhaston on December 15, 2016 at 02:34PM

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