Be clear on what digital means to governemnt and to the Scottish People

Of course the future of every nation is hugely influenced by how its government and its people harness new and emerging technologies. But is that what you mean by digital? I honestly don't know if that is what you mean? The website and various glossaries give no definition  and no description of what is to be understood by the use of theterm "digital".

The "digital economy" is discussed as if everybody knows what that means - but they don't. It's just assumed - mistakenly in my view.

Accenture, BCG & McKinseys all describe "digital" quite differently - at various levels of intelligibility and density! So, many smart folk have different interpretations of what is meant by this widely deployed label. It's often confused and mis-used to in the indutry so it's no wonder its confusing to citizens to whom it's not everyday terminology.

So the idea is simple - be clear and succinct in what digital means. If you want participation then speak in a language that is easily understood by all.

I'm afraid at the moment the digital message looks like its been crafted by Marketing folks trying to sell consultancy.


Why the contribution is important

If we want the scottish people to embrace the opportunities of new technologies and we want to use the term digital to help them do this - then there needs to be a clear definition that is easy to understand and that is consistently communicated.

by fawdon on November 15, 2016 at 07:51PM

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