Broadband Connectivity

The Digital Superfast contracts are a major step forward to improve broadband connectivity throughout Scotland.

One issue that may not be in the Scittish Government contracts, is how do you test the installation of the digital infrastructure, at the users premises level, is compliant?

Ofcom has set up a scheme, throughout the UK, to accurately measure the parameters of an Internet connection.  As the Superfast Broadband contract is rolled out, it may take time for users to become connected to the new broadband services.

I propose that the Rural Economy and Connectivity negotiate with Ofcom to:-

a) arrange for a sample of users, on different internet service provider contracts, to take part in the scheme.

b) to produce monthly results for the whole of Scotland (including existing Scottish users in the Ofcom scheme) of the Internet measurement parameters.  

Why the contribution is important

Knowing the actual internet parameters, the Scottish government will be then able to direct additioal contracts to enable 100% access to Superfast Broadband.

by Stoney38 on November 18, 2016 at 09:05AM

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