Broadband Connectivity

In the early period of the implementation of ADSL broadband sevices, the Communication Managers Association ( CMA ) produced a report aimed at making the Local Authorities aware of the new broadband services intheir areas.  The report was produced in association with GROS in which the "settlement boudaries were aligned with the BT exchange boudaries and the Council area maps.

Listed in  the report were the broadband sevice providers that were actively implementing ADSL sevices in the council area.

I propose that a similar report be commissioned by the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee to enable Local Authorities to be aware of the broadband suppliers that are employing "fibre broadband services" in their area.  ( for example: West Lothian Council totally ignores that 'Superfast Broadband' is available from Virgin Media and has been available for a number of years.)

Why the contribution is important

Coucils must be aware of these suppliers to ensure that broadband services are taken into account in their development plans for growth of Industrial Estates and hence employment.

Businesses need Superfast Broadband to be available at the start of moving into new premises, not two weeks later.

by Stoney38 on November 18, 2016 at 09:29AM

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