Local digital participation working groups

The idea:

To create digital participation working groups in every local authority area in Scotland, focussed specifically on a wide range of organisations working collectively to address digital inequality and digital participation.


Why the contribution is important

Currently, in many regions, organisations are trying their best to tackle digital participation and inclusion in isolation, perhaps working through their own organisational digital transformation. This isolated approach leads to fractured and often unsustainable provision, and -more importantly- many opportunities for the most vulnerable to fall through the gaps. 

The facilitation and delivery of local digital participation working groups, encompassing public, third and (where appropriate) private sector organisations, with a focus on tackling inequality collectively will result in a more cohesive and interdependent model.

It also allows for shared opportunities and solutions, meeting a locally indentified agenda for change.


by mhorcollective on December 15, 2016 at 10:50AM

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  • Posted by KBG December 15, 2016 at 15:37

    Stirling Council have been quite innovative in this regard (Superfast Roll-out) setting up a Broadband Delivery (previously Advisory) Group. However, while this has been useful it has also been constantly hampered by lack of information from the publically-funded, but secretive, organisation delivering it (BT).

    Clear visibility to the customer (the public in this case) of what is planned to be done, approximately when, along with what has been done, is an essential ingredient of every project.
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