Removing barriers to accessing digital skills classes

We would recommend ensuring digital skills classes are available to all should be part of Scotland's digital strategy. A lot of classes are currently only available in city centre locations which often aren't easy to travel to or possible to travel to for some people. We need to address this by making classes available regardless of location. In the case of more remote areas this could take the form of online classes.

In addition, we need to remove the barrier of requiring your own equipment to take part in these classes. We need to make use of places like libraries that have banks of PCs available and offer a place to continue digital learning if people don't have access to computers or Internet at home.

Why the contribution is important

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In a world that is becoming more and more reliant on technology as it is being embaced in all areas of life it's important people have at least a basic understanding of how it works and have access to classes that give them this understanding, regardless of location and background. An understanding could help people out in both their personal and working life. For example, automating tasks or even just to be able to better understand what is going wrong in your system to be able to better communicate/understand IT support.

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