Show that learning how to code is not just important for software developers

We recommend showing the importance of learning how to code should be part of Scotland's digital strategy. Not everyone that learns how to code is doing so to become a software engineer but to help them out with their working life. It's important we can show people how learning to code could help them.


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Why the contribution is important

Scotland is currently experiencing a shortage of people with coding and tech skills. Part of the solution is to show people why learning to code is important. As the world is changing and is becoming more and more reliant on technology it is important we have people who understand and create this technology so Scotland doesn't fall behind. It's also important that people understand that learning to code isn't just important for software engineers but potentially in all jobs. This is an important lesson for people of all ages.


by MartinCoderDojo on December 15, 2016 at 03:43PM

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