Sub-lease of Mobile Frequencies

The Auctioned UK Mobile Licencees (Vodafone, EE, O2, 3) can achieve their UK licence obligations without providing coverage in remote & rural Scotland.

There is strong potential for an alternative operator - willing to invest in these areas - to do so on a stand-alone or sub-licence basis. If the current UK mobile operators were to lease their frequencies to a Sub-MO across a specific area, then a wholesale roaming facility – and Broadband capability – could be extablished.

Example ~ Mobile coverage on the Isle of Man - for fixed, mobile and Internet services -is provided by Manx Telecom, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telefónica O2 Europe. There are roaming agreements in place with the major UK operators = it can be done across mainland & islands UK.

Why the contribution is important

The business case for investment by UK Licenced Operators to build infrastructure in Remote & Rural is unattractive when compared to "inside the M25".

An infrastruture developed independently but available to all - via roaming & wholesale - should be workable.

by pjwhaynes on November 20, 2016 at 12:41PM

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