Support civic digital participation

Democracy Club would like to see a Digital Strategy for Scotland include reference to how to use digital to make it easier for citizens to take part in the democratic process. 


That might mean increased government support for ensuring that datasets and APIs exist on all political candidates and representatives, all decision-making institutions, political geographies, budgets and spending. 


More broadly, a new digital strategy should encourage regular experimentation in civic digital participation, and establish how to support the growing civic technology and open government movements. 

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Why the contribution is important

Because democracy needs updating. Voting once every five years is not an acceptable level of participation. Digital technologies and methodologies make it easy and inexpensive to be more open and to invite more participation.

In turn, this leads to greater wellbeing — studies show trust in government is a leading determinant of wellbeing: an open and participatory government is likely to build that trust.

Being open and inviting participation is also likely to lead to better policy outcomes, as wider views are consulted, new ideas or issues appear and greater numbers of people are invested in a policy's success.

by joemitchell on December 14, 2016 at 12:35PM

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