Threshold not transition- clear the attic, quick

New technology will revolutionise every aspect of life. Already has in many fields, business, personal and, though slowly, public services. It will accelerate over the next decade. This is not a boundary, nor is it a transition. It is a threshold. In five years time you will be able to know 80% of my life by linking  into my washing machine, or whatever. In short, everything that can be known will be known. 

Instead of lagging behind why not leap ahead? A good enough Scottish tradition. But it is a threshold. No simple transitions. Letting go is the most difficult thing, for most industries. No doubt also for the public service. That takes dedicated effort. Allocate staff time to it, across all departments. Clear the attics. It is not for you to reduce legislation but you could cut the bureaucracy writing by over 50% and free up 50% staff time to preparing to cross the threshold. Focussed on the present and future.




Why the contribution is important

Well, pilot it. Any Division of any department. Set them the goal of 50% reduction in staff time on returns, reports, reviews, whatever. All these will become automatic in a few years time. 

by AngusSkinner on November 04, 2016 at 04:31PM

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