Age inclusive spaces

We are forever seeing a divide in services and spaces for young and older people. In order to promote community cohesion there needs to be better designed buildings and open spaces that cater for the needs of our communities. Safe spaces should be available to allow Scotlands generations to come together and be part of the same community. This idea would also need to allow for asset based community development to take place, involving communities in the planning of such spaces.

Why the contribution is important

Negative steretypes attached to the old, young and middle aged can be tackled through living and working together. These negative stereotypes can have a huge impact on self esteem and confidence. Lack of safe spaces contribute to social isolation regardless of age. It is important that we listen to the people of our communities to plan spaces in order that pcommunities can take ownership.

by Cewing7 on November 13, 2015 at 10:59AM

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