Let's get the bins out of town centres. We should create more centralised recycling bins (we've all seen them in Europe when we're on holiday). Household wheely bins are too obtrusive in town centres. As the supermarkets such as Tesco and Morrison are responsible for most of the stuff that goes into the bins, cities should be able to raise additional taxes (based on volume) from the supermarkets to pay for the new centralised ones This in turn would encourage the supermarkets to reduce packaging. 

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Wheely bins are an eyesore. Simple. Financing them via a tax on supermarket packaging will produce two benefits - supermarkets reducing packaging and town centres being cleared of wheely bins. Actually, all house holding recycling should be charged directly to supermarkets as that is where the problem is created. 

by castlestreet on October 14, 2015 at 02:34PM

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