Conversation spaces/chat rooms

Cities can be busy places with people rushing from place to place, meeting to meeting - but sometimes there are 15-30 minutes spaces between meetings. not enough time to start on emails/work but time to start a convesration

For some they come into the city to wander, to see people, and to stop and watch...often hoping to find someone to connect with.

You see "it's good to talk"

Could we create small chat rooms/convesration spaces where citizens can touch down, and the expectaion is that anyone else there will chat?

we could encourage conversation on all sorts of things with ideas being suggested by different groups who want to hear ideas - but the prupose is not research but giving space for converations - which many people long for.  Not controlled conversation , but encouraged conversation.  itt would help improve mental health

perhaps churches  be the safe space where these chat rooms could be set up


Why the contribution is important

Chat rooms/convesrattion spaces are imprtant  for mental health and for helping guard against lonliness of people

by CRW on October 26, 2015 at 09:53AM

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