Duty to keep land and streets clean

The streets of our cities and to a great extent much of Scotland are a disgrace with weeds debris and detritus commonplace.  This is internationally acknowledge to have a detrimental impact on Community Wellbeing never mind economic investment and tourism.

Our 4 major cities have allowed  recent myopic focus on the litter problem which is the very visible tip of the street cleansing iceberg, to divert them from the DUTY to keep land and streets clean as far as is practicable.  There is no discretion in this and cost is NOTa factor. The test in law is one of "as far as reasonably practicable" which means as far as can be done physically   This is a far more onerous standard than "as far as reasonably practicable" in which cost can be taken into acount.

Traditional street sweeping has in many places been reduced, at best, to litter picking of the 'big bits'   The public have become used and immune to the lowering of basic standards of cleanliness and have swallowed the excuse that money is tight.  Whether money is tight or not is irrelevant. The duty exists and has the same staus as, for example, the duty to provide educational services for children.  It is the priorities of our Councils that have gone astray particularly since the creation of unitary authorities in 1996.

We need our cities and other Councils to face up to their duty to KEEP their land and roads clean.

Why the contribution is important

  It is important for the social, physical / mental health and Wellbeing of the Scottish people and it also impacts on other incivilities.   As people step out of the door of their home into grubby streets, subliminally  they say to themselves ..if the Council do not care about the stae of cleanliness of this area then why should I   This then pervades many other aspects of their lives.  


A marked improvemnt of the basic street cleanliness of all of Scotland would give the country a huge boost in confidence and pride.   

by GeorgeNiblock on October 19, 2015 at 05:19PM

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