Work with, not for, the people of Glasgow

Real co design and production is possible, we just need to refocus how we view people and the roles they have in decision making and find new ways to involve people to work together with agencies and services. This does not mean reinventing the wheel, there has been co design and production work in Glasgow for years, however as it was small localised pieces of work often it was overlooked or discounted as not of a significant size to be of relevance. The danger is all too often that unwittingly larger services can appear to project its their ball and the community and third sector services can have a shot of it as opposed to, its the communities ball and services are there to offer support to communities to help them build a winning team. So much of this is about power and ownership and for a real difference to be made we need to change the power dynamics (no easy task) and encourage a real sense of ownership where problems are all our problems and we work together to find solutions and achievements are all our achievements and we get better at celebrating them, you get what you look for, lets start looking for what works and build on it

Why the contribution is important

If we dont change how we are working with communities, if we dont find new attitudes and values and ways of making co design and production the norm then people will become more disullisioned, feel more powerless and have less sense of control and feelings of control are essential for resilience. This idea is important as people are important, and we need to find ways of helping people feel this sense of worth which much of the publicity, TV programmes and media coverage of Glasgow does not engender. We need to care and believe in people and people need to learn to care and have belief in themselves. we need a vision for Glasgow we all share, we all have a sense of ownership of and we all want to work together to achieve, and this is possible, working for COPE Scotland in Drumchapel I have seen what can be achieved when communities and agencies work together, follow this link for more info on a co designed service , together we can be the change for the better

by hilda on November 24, 2015 at 02:03PM

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