Phase it out entirely.

No replacement is needed. With income tax devolution on the way, Tourism is a huge opportunity to grow the onshore economy. It should be one of our major growth sectors. Scottish history, heritage, landscape and culture are unique selling points, but current flight costs are prohibitive for many, especially from outside Europe.

It is worth taking a short term loss in tax revenues to build up Scotland's long term potential as a tourist and business destination. A chance to build the viability for more convenient direct flights will further increase the desirability of Scotland as a destination. 

The full benefits may take several years to play through, including the opportunity for more business connections and international conference trade, but reducing transport costs should be treated as an investment.

Why the contribution is important

To take advantage of a global growth industry, and invest in a long term alternative to North sea oil income.

by SALTIRE1 on March 14, 2016 at 08:42PM

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