How much the law says you need to live.

Currently set at £105/week, this law caps my Income Support at £43/week because I am not working and in receipt of Carers Allowance (£62). If I were to start part time work I would lose this benefit and only be able to earn £110 max, also may affect Housing Benefit and Council Tax rebate. Therefore I would be working a 50-55 hour week for £172 equalling a measly £3.50 an hour. Less if council tax/housing benefit was affected, this is before any deductions like child maintenance and water/sewerage charges are taken into account.

Why the contribution is important

This law discriminates unfairly as there are people on benefits who get more than £105/week. The law is for all, not dependant on circumstances. Can someone show me where this law is written down as the DWP do not reference it any correspondence?

by Stv63 on September 02, 2015 at 11:31PM

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