Raise the threshold of how much can be earned .

Raise the threshold of what a person can earn from £110 a week to a more realistic level. People are being penalised for wanting to work however this is often the only break they get away from their caring responsibilities .

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I would like to see the threshold of what a person can earn be raised from £110 per week to a more realistic level. My daughter helps me care for her brother and sister she works part time to supplement her student bursary because I am not in a position to help her she enjoys her job and it gives her vital time away from her stressful home life but I feel that she should still be entitled to carers allowance because she is recognised by her college as a carer but she is not entitled to financial support because she works. I also think that students should be entitled to Carers Allowance whether they're full time or part time they are at college /university to try to better themselves after all ! 

by fionacameron on August 27, 2015 at 04:18PM

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  • Posted by SG_Social_Security_Policy_Team_Member August 31, 2015 at 10:22

    Thank you for your comments. Does anyone have a view on what the earnings threshold should be for carers who are claiming carers benefits?
  • Posted by bonjen3 September 02, 2015 at 13:51

    I would like to see carers being able to work the hours of average part time vacancies which I believe is around 22 -25 hours per week
  • Posted by Kazlaw1984 September 02, 2015 at 14:59

    I don't think it should be an amount of money earned it should be the amount of hours which is considered. I used to work every hour under the sun and did not receive any benefits because of this. My son has ASD and was not coping well with my shift pattern and as I have 3 children I found it really hard for childcare. My sons needs got greater as he got older so I had to cut my hours to part time which for me is two twelve hour shifts plus I had to go onto night shift due to childcare issues. I still don't qualify for carers allowance due to my weekly hours being 24hrs which take me over the £110. It is a huge decrease in wages but still need to pay out same bills etc plus my son is needing a lot more now he is older. It would be nice for some support as I don't want to be unemployed but I still need to care for my children. Plus still don't get any benefits or help from anyone else
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