Abandon lockdown etc

Abandon lockdown and all other measures. Focus instead on providing protection for those vulnerably people who want it. Listen to over 20,000 experts.

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The lockdown is killing people. It is killing many more people than it might possibly save. It is destroying the economy, leading to poverty and many more deaths. WHO now admit (as of 8 October 2020) that Covid-19 has an actual mortality rate of 0.14% - the same as influenza. The lockdown was justified by a WHO projection (at start of 2020), 24 times higher than the true mortality rate. ONS statistics also used to justify lockdown defy WHO guidelines, in that they classify as Covid-19 deaths anyone who treated positive in the preceding 14 days, even when the cause of death was demonstrably not from Covid-19. Influenza deaths are now treated differently, to reduce their number. This is an attempt to retrospectively justify the lockdown. 20,000 experts (Great Barrington Declaration) have confirmed that the facts, and science, show the lockdown is unjustified, and responsible for many more deaths than Covid-19 ever will be.

by buggerlugs on October 11, 2020 at 03:27PM

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