Actual coronavirus numbers

The WHO recently announced they expect the worldwide figures for this virus to be not the 35 million which is quoted regularly but more like 800 million. If this much larger number proves to be correct, it follows that the UK's numbers would be amplified by a similar factor. In this case almost by a factor of 27. This would mean the likely infections in the UK would be around 14 million. One quarter of the population. In Scotland we would see a rise from 33 000 to nearly 900 000. Nearly one fifth of the population. This effectively means the virus is way ahead of us in the time game.

Why the contribution is important

In reality there is really no other option now. We simply cannot hide from this virus. It is going to carry on regardless no matter what we do. EVERYONE needs to be told once and for all, look after yourself if you are vulnerable in any way whatsoever. There is no point in trying to stop young from going out to bars and clubs, If you do this they will simply find other ways to congregate. They are not going to adhere to any rules EVER. It is impossible to police every home. For every party home discovered there are 1000 which are not. We are all wasting out time, our lives and our businesses in a quest to defeat something which simply cannot be defeated. Just make a new rule where anyone can go about their business as they wish and, if they are worried about their health for whatever reason, advise those people to stay out of the loop. This way, all the fit healthy people who are not troubled by this virus can get our country back in it's feet. Let our young fit students, workers and carers get things going again. Asking them to stay indoors is like trying to keep the cat inside when clearly it wants out. Imagine trying to keep 100 cats indoors!! Impossible.

by Ianadams1881 on October 06, 2020 at 09:53PM

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