Another campaign to 'Protect NHS Services'

My idea is to run another and extensive 'Protect the NHS Services' campaign everywhere, with the emphasis this time on what that actually means: Fewer people in hospital means that more of the 'normal' services which were stopped and are gradually restarting will be protected. In March, we were all well aware of the dreadful scenes coming out of hospitals in Europe: particularly from Italy, so 'Protect the NHS' resonated with people Now, people are fed up and their memories are short. Since a significant number of people are now ignoring advice for a number of reasons, this might have an impact on those who aren't worried about Covid itself because they are younger - but stressing all the services which won't be available if the hospitals become overwhelmed with Covid cases : Younger people still get things like Cervical screening to prevent them developing cancer. Should be aimed at those under 60 and especially those under 40

Why the contribution is important

We need to somehow get people to understand the importance of following the guidelines. Many people do not understand why one thing is allowed and something else isn't. Nicola and Jason have been very clear about the reasons, in my view, but not everybody is capable of understanding the line of reasoning - and not everyone is able to tune in to listen to her every day

by Silversosprey on October 08, 2020 at 11:33AM

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  • Posted by gmb October 09, 2020 at 06:19

    Problem is, that "Protect the NHS message" contributed to all those services that need to be preserved being withdrawn, difficult to access, or people choosing/feeling they had to avoid accessing them. The experience of many at the moment seems to be that we're told we protected the NHS, but we still don't have anything near sufficient provision of non-COVID-related healthcare.
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