Balance risk

Risks are needing to be balanced. Restaurants should be allowed to remain open until the 10pm curfew if premises have been inspected by relative bodies to be covid 19 safe. Or balance this with the risk that a maximum of 2 households no more than 6 can meet indoors. Frail elderly people will not be able to visit loved ones in gardens in the coming winter months.
Families need to be able to support each other when family members are becoming unwell with other life threatening conditions that they have been unable to get diagnosed/treatment until very recently. Families are losing loved ones & feel lost as they don't want to break the rules to offer support.
Peoples mental health is now being significantly impacted on and this will become a worsening crisis if risks are not balanced rather than draconian measures. Its time for the public to accept responsibility to act in a safe way and make informed decisions without living in fear.

Why the contribution is important

This is important to protect the mental wellbeing of every person in Scotland
People are losing jobs & livelihoods in a time when they are unable to hàve the çontact with their loved ones.
Every death is tragic whether covid related or not but going forward we are going to be faced with increased suicides & deaths that could have been prevented with early diagnosis & treatment. GP's also need to start seeing patients again, nurses have never stopped seeing patients

by dichap on October 11, 2020 at 01:33PM

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