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Try to distance the Scottish Government from the chaos south of the border. The idea of completely suppressing the virus is the right one and cannot be accomplished by keeping pubs open and encouraging people to shop. Travel and holidays will also keep the virus active. New arrivals into the country must be rigorously pursued to ensure self isolation. Checks on the Scottish side of the English border are needed to prevent unnecessary travel and spread.

Beating the pandemic and the green revolution should be roled out together, as the very real emergencies they are. Scotland should not pander to big business lobbying but should strike a different path from England- suppress the virus as quickly as possible, then open up a new green economy.

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The countries which have controlled the virus most effectively have closed borders and stopped unnecessary meeting and travel, preventing new entry points and reducing carbon footprint. Having pubs open is not good for our young people and causes major health problems and strain on our nhs and other public services. Discouraging consumerism is needed to save our planet.

Scotland can use the pandemic to move away from the old norms of consumerism and drinking and create a new better society and greener economy.

by Suzie on October 11, 2020 at 09:35AM

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  • Posted by GSS October 11, 2020 at 09:53

    Is it just people and their travel that would be checked. Surely industry and people need deliveries. A lot of these do not just come from England. Also shut ports and airports?
    Would foreign travel from Scotland ( and therefore coming back in) for individuals be allowed?
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