I am a member of an indoor bowling club. I consider this venue to be a particular virus high risk situation for the following reason- Members have been asked to wear face coverings only when off the green, or whilst on the locker area for as long as it takes to change shoes etc and wait to get on a rink, which should not be long. Players then spend two hours not wearing masks and making no attempt to maintain distantsing Further risk is likely due to players shouting instructions to each other the length of the green. When play is over, we ha ve the ludicrous situation where members leave the rinks and put on masks just long enough for them to change shoes put on their c oats and walk out the door ! Finally hand sanitizers have been provided in my club for years. I seem to be the only person ever to have used them.

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Most bowlers are in the most vulnerable age group as far as contracting the virus is concerned and suffering the worst effects.

by bowler on October 11, 2020 at 04:17PM

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