Surely we need to create ‘bubbles’ within which a reasonable life can be lived. Humans are social animals, it is terrible for people’s mental health to prevent social interaction. So a bubble is an area where no symptomatic cases have been identified for at least 3 weeks. This area is then quarantined with an external border but within it, people can visit each other, go shopping, etc freely. Two adjoining bubbles are then combined so the ‘safe’ areas become larger and larger until Scotland is one big bubble. No amount of masking and isolating people in their homes will work unless we close borders and quarantine people to stop new infections arriving (or leaving!). We had zeroed cases a couple of months back - then there was a massive influx of people bringing new infections. People need to be able to look after each other and cheer each other up! If we could establish defined clear ‘safe’ areas where people could actually sing, laugh, talk, play games, it would do their mental and physical health a lot of good.
Please do not put any faith in ‘vaccines’ unless they have been properly tested and proven both safe and effective. We do not trust the Johnson government an inch and unless a vaccine is clearly safe - and not covered by a criminal indemnity! - it will frighten people into refusing other vaccines too.

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Because the present measures are destroying life and happiness, making people isolated, lonely, confused, fearful and hostile towards each other and the government too. We have to rebuild confidence and trust, and enable people to care for family, friends and neighbours. The mark of a civilised society is how it cares for the poor, the sick, the vulnerable, the elderly.

by jwood42 on October 06, 2020 at 12:03AM

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