Car Sharing for the vulnerable and the elderly

The vulnerable and elderly should be allowed to go in a car. This should be specifically and clearly stated in the guidance.

Whilst it is only 'advised' that people should avoid car sharing, many people who are trying to follow the rules are now missing out for fear of doing the wrong thing.

Why the contribution is important

Many people rely on a friend or relative taking them to the shops or to appointments or out for a drive. All of these are important to their mental well being. It is surely much safer to have them in a car, wearing a mask than them taking a bus or train. Theoretically someone should get a bus to town to meet friends in a cafe rather than being picked up in a car. Covid risk aside, this also puts them at risk if they have mobility contraints. Ultimately anyone who doesn't have the confidence to go out on a bus will remain at home, alone. With home visiting banned they will become even more isolated.

by k4rwd on October 06, 2020 at 12:53AM

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