Close proximity social activities

The Scottish Government should be more active in consulting relevant bodies to agree how close proximity social activities can be resumed. As with pubs, cafes and restaurants, it should possible to work out a set of measures to compensate for any compromising of social distance in close proximity activities. For example, in relation to social dancing, this is likely to consist of a package of precautions including options such as hygiene measures (sanitiser and hand washing); registering of contact details; enhanced PPE: face/head coverings, gloves and suitable clothing; limits on event and personal contact time; appropriate size of venues; and limits on numbers of attendees.

Why the contribution is important

As well as protecting physical wellness, it is important to ensure that the mental health and emotional wellbeing of the population is preserved, especially in a pandemic that may be with us long term. Social activities are vital contributors to these latter ends and must be given greater attention by the Scottish Government to avoid the potential for a spiralling byproduct of non-COVID illnesses and tragedies.

by DavidJR on October 05, 2020 at 06:51PM

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