Cohort size in Early Years

Review the cohort size in Early Learning Settings abd base this on actual evidence about transmission and risk specific to this environment. Basing ELC cohort size on recommendations for primary schools which is conveniently in line with primary school class sizes is not appropriate. Pre schoolers are let down by lack of effort to specifically consider their needs. The availability of pre-school hours has been limited in some settings and parents forced to use multiple settings which surely increases whatever risk their is for all.

Why the contribution is important

This age group has suffered greatly from lockdown, lack of socialisation with peers, lack of available services and reduction in ELC childcare available. Start giving the needs of the youngest the attention to detail they deserve and make the right decisions for them. So far their are have been an afterthought.

by Persimmon11 on October 05, 2020 at 10:34PM

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