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Try look at helping community events organisers. Visit Scotland dealing with the events industry grants is a absolute farce. Several people including myself had to go through the appeals and rejected again. Am based in Carluke and run the community events ie Easter 2 day market events and a couple Christmas market events in conjunction with south Lanarkshire council. Being rejected has now forced us to close the doors for community events. £1000s put into the set up and run for last 2 year. Rejected from a grant that we cover all criteria is not good at all. Clearly set up for the major players ie Edinburgh Christmas market and the fringe for example. Yous need to carefully look into the way other administrators are dealing for funding use people on the ground for feed back as what’s best to deal with it not high end organisation that’s say in front off computers. The events industry is on its knees big time. No support from the government and mostly self employed. No furlough and getting 20% on the next round of support. Not anywhere good enough

Why the contribution is important

Help the self employed and small events industry organisations. Use real on the ground people for advice and try help. It’s tough times but if not looked into the Scotland small events industry is finished. Visit Scotland are now way interested in small organisation at community level.

by CraigJones2020 on October 11, 2020 at 03:43PM

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