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People want to support whatever is put in place but it’s hard when you can meet a friend in a cafe but not a home. The science backs up this but it’s hard for people to see the science. All people see is that schools are being kept open when other areas that affect people livelihoods are not. we had the summer to put proper infrastructure In place to allow more consistent measure to be put in place such as a hybrid learning It would be easier if we allocated funding to allow all school pupils to be allocated a digital device and for a national platform to be used for the curriculum with a library of videos and sessions prerecorded so teacher time online would be about supporting the young people. Not about the usual adhoc learning that depends if you have a good or bad teacher. This could also be applied to college and universities. My daughter is currently having online class with a less than effective lecturer at edinburgh college. It’s about time we got something positive out of Covid. An educators system from primary to degrees that is a uniformed and consistent systems which allows time to be spent on young people. This would allow the schools to be closed or use a hybrid if needed as and when the pandemic rises. Very happy to see National 5 now being moved to teacher/ learning units. Why not created a certified national certificate. The inconsistency in our education system because each local authority does it differently is never going to create the best for young people if they can interpret the framework how they want.

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It allows the Scottish Government to be able to make decisions that allow better management by being able to close educational establishments without impacting their learning. It creates a lasting legacy of a better education system that meets the needs of all peoples. Take the elitism of exams out and create a more open platform for all.

by Hilarious1211 on October 11, 2020 at 07:59PM

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  • Posted by Thistlegirl22 October 11, 2020 at 20:33

    I work in education - there's lots of new funding available (through the Scottish Government) to try to tackle digital poverty. Community groups and schools have been bidding for this money/identifying where the need is. Education Scotland and our schools have been working really hard to produce digital lessons for school students, too (a quick Google search will show this). However, one of the main reasons that they want to keep schools open is to support student/pupil mental health and well-being. There are many children out there whose only respite from an awful home life is school; and many more living in poverty who look forward to a hot meal at school because there's no food at home.
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