Current Restrictions Not Working

Clearly the current restrictions are not working as numbers keep on rising significantly. How about taking action now instead of holding off until death rates go through the roof again. Was surprised to see today that a circuit breaker will not be put in place - surely this is better being done now for a short period of time (while people can be put back on furlough) instead of needing a longer one a month or so down the line.
Hospitality alone cannot be blamed for the continuing rise in cases. Yes, there needs to be very strict rules and procedures for these places but blaming them alone will bot fix this. What about schools and further education sites - it seems very coincidental that cases have done nothing but rise since the return to full time on-site education. Hospitality had been open for a good while before education facilities opened, without causing too much of a problem.
I don't know what but something needs to be done quickly before we're properly into the winter with the infection rate growing daily.

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Take quick and decisive action now to avoid ending up back in a dire situation where there is little option but to lock us down for a long period of time again. Nobody wants to go back to that .

by O52O2O on October 06, 2020 at 02:13PM

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