Digital Learning - UK + Third World - Overseas Aid & Charitable Donations

Covid-19 has highlighted the need for Internet & Digital Learning for Schools, Universities & Further Education.

Example; UK syllabuses at GCSE, Highers & A-Levels need to be refined & lesson content be available on the internet for all children & their parents & guardians etc. Where appropriate, all UK families in poverty or financial difficulty need to be provided with, and/or have access to, School or Community IT.

Most TV channels frequently outline the lack of Schooling, Learning & absence of Teachers in the Third World, & inundate the public seeking charitable donations, to address this growing problem.

All of these syllabuses need to be adapted for publication on the internet for Third World Boys Girls & illiterate adults.

Overseas Aid & Charitable donations could be better spent providing Third World communities with a large TV monitor, preferably with a student teacher or volunteer, to help children, & adults, of all ages to have access to education, & help eradicate their exploitation.

Note: There are over 1.1 billion girls & women in the British Commonwealth of Nations, & worldwide almost 750 million women & girls alive today who were married before their 18th birthdays; 71% of all human trafficking victims worldwide are women & girls, 1 in 3 women & girls experience physical or sexual violence, & 3 out of 4 are sexually exploited in their lifetime, while 200 million women & girls have undergone female genital mutilation.

Harnessing todays digital learning opportunities, could make a much needed impact, & help to empower future generations, & create opportunities, for those in need, to lead a better life.

Why the contribution is important

Children & adults in the Third World need help & education to progress.

The population of Africa alone is predicted to double by 2050.

Illegal immigration will continue to dramatically increase, from Third World countries, & those in nations in conflict, by multi-cultural & ethnic minorities people of all ages, seeking to escape from poverty, and/or a lack of education & employment opportunities.

This is a Global issue, & one which the British Commonwealth of Nations, for 400 year historical Colonial reasons, together with a growing realisation that Black Lives Matter, has to be addressed by GOV.UK.

by kjtainsh on October 09, 2020 at 10:57AM

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