Economy v Pandemic

Currently we measure deaths, however we are failing to measure life years lost.

Unfortunately there is a situation currently either

Cutting short the lives of those more vulnerable with a low % of healthy people dying from C19 as illustrated on the August report by NRS. Therefore for the vast majority that die, their live years lost will be quite small.

However job loss, unemployment, lack of other medical care is cutting short lives for younger generations.

While this may seem like a harsh way to review this pandemic, the reality is without a vaccine or treatment people will continue to die. Lockdowns can slow that, but at the same time create many other long term issues that need to be fully analysed to measure the real long term impact of these decisions

Therefore we should look to further increase testing in Carehomes to ensure outbreaks are caught early. All staff / residents tested min of twice a week.

Ask high risk people in country to again shield for winter months

Relax the rules in hospitality.
In July when hospitality re opened cases remained low. However due to the limitations on the sector, no music, not opening late, short booking slots, this resulted in pub crawls then people being board of pubs and instead moved to house parties

Relaxing the night time economy would reduce house parties, allows premises to re open in a saver way, introduce QR code check in/out in all hospitality settings to ensure T&T is efficient.

This may seem the opposite of what seems right, however we only have to look at the impact of minimum pricing on alcohol to know that has a direct impact on drug deaths increasing, especially around street Valium usage. One action caused a reaction. This is the same with night time economy, suppressing this, causes a more dangerous reaction, the unregulated, house party.

Why the contribution is important

It is important to think of the economic impact of every decisions and analyse the overall impact of every possible outcome, not the black and white approach of cases and deaths

by JamieM78 on October 11, 2020 at 03:44PM

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