Empowering Local Communities and Young People

We need to start our green revolution and enhance LOCAL democracy NOW. Local virtual groups need to be pro-actively supported by the government to develop and deliver their own plans for ending the pandemic and creating a greener and fairer society. A real drive is needed, especially in deprived communities, not the half-baked, box-ticking efforts we have had so far.

Working with schools and young people, communities could look for ways to keep safe, give our young people a future, re-purpose town centres and create green jobs and social enterprises. The experience and expertise of our older generation should also be put to use.

The ideas are there, waiting to be harnessed and delivered. The means to create social enterprises and co-operatives should be developed, as was done in the Nordic countries to transform their economies and create people power and real community-owned wealth.

Keep older people safe, healthy and happy- involve them in creating a new future, increase interaction with young people on-line, entertainment and outdoor activity, valuing their contribution.

Empower, train young people and provide professional support to set up co-operatives and social enterprises- support/mentoring groups to reduce lonliness and isolation; groups to inform and support people during pandemic restrictions; create more inspectors to ensure covid health and safety compliance in hospitality and work-places; local food growing and processing; new uses for local raw materials such as timber, wool, leather, recycled materials; biodiversity teams; new businesses to manufacture health-related products in Scotland to reduce dependency on imports; ask young people to re-design town centres; new uses for town centre properties; healthy diets; re-cycling, repairing and re-using centres; local energy projects; construction projects to convert unused offices, shops, land and buildings to community use, including residendial and sport.

Ask the wealthy to contribute funds and support the new economy and society. Divert financial support from big business to communities.

Why the contribution is important

People need to be given hope. It would be uplifting if daily Covid briefings could bring positive news about how the Scottish government is preparing for and enacting our recovery. We have been through 12 years of austerity and uncertainty and the stress has taken a huge toll on our mental and physical health. Good news and empowerment is urgently needed.

By really reaching out to young and old people, and giving them power and support, they will become more confident, hopeful and motivated. They will feel a valued part of the community and they will create a new fairer, greener country. They will feel less need for drink, drugs and retail therapy, we will have a more sustainable economy and our health, happiness and deprivation indices will improve.

by Suzie on October 11, 2020 at 11:17AM

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